Do you want Sky Rocket your business OR want to Generate Qualified Leads for your business ?..  OR Want to increase watch time on your video, subscribers to your YouTube channel ?…

But you stuck with advertising platforms. You are feeling unconfident that which adverting platform will help you to Sky Rocket your business.

So I would like to tell you

“ Whatever your Goal is Google Ads Hai Na “

There is no better way to start than by signing up to use Google Ads. Before diving deep into this article let’s understand what is Google ads First.

 What is Google Ads ?..

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform offered by Google. Originally called Google Adwords, the search engine company rebranded the service as Google Ads in 2018.

To have a clear understanding of Google Ads you should know about its function. I mean how it works. Let’s take the idea about Google Ads’ work system.


How it works ?…

The way it works is simple. If you are not get started with Google Ads then you have to understand its work system for a User then we talk about how it works for an Advertiser

For Users: When users search a keyword, they get the results of their query on a search engine results page (SERP).

For Advertiser: Google Ads works on an Auction system. The combination of Quality score and bidding make Advertiser’s auction. As much strong this combination will be, the higher rank Advertiser will get.

Again, one thing to focus on here that is quality score is like an umbrella term and a bunch of metrics comes under this umbrella.

These following things come under quality score

  • 1. Relevancy between your Ads and Keywords
  • 2. Relevancy between Ads groups and your Ads
  • 3.Website / Sales Loading page Speed
  • 4. Click through Rate …….ETC.

After having clarity About the Google Ads Works system one question may come into your mind sooner or later.

There are so many advertising medium and methods out there but why you should choose Google Ads. It can be hard to determine which is a good fit for your business. Influencer and salespeople are always telling you to invest in this and invest in that without actually explaining why.

There are plenty of benefits. Here are just a few.


Why (Importance of) Google Ads

1.Massive Reach 

Google has transferred itself beyond the brand to the verb. The term “Google” is already defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

That’s why whenever people has a question that needs answering their first stop is Google.

I can’t bother you with this 2 + trillion searches that happen on google per year. That mean over 5 billion searches per day.

Those people who are looking for the solution to their problems. If they ever used the internet, chances are they have to google the answer to their problems.

At the same time if you have an answer to their problems even if it is with ads they are more likely to choose you than your competitors.

 2.Harness Intent:-

On the other social media platforms (just like Facebook, Instagram …ETC), peoples go to check baby’s photos, Vacations photos, Family Updates. Peoples do not want to advertise here.

Peoples come on google whenever they need a solution to the problem which is they are facing right now.  At the same time, your Ads Pop -up the front of them in the form of a solution.

Let’s Suppose I am searching for Protein Powder and someone’s Ads comes in front of me like The Best Protein Powder in that case I will most likely click on this. When peoples search solution for their problem in that case they will like to not only advertise but ready to pay also.

 3. Keyword’s Magic:-

Whenever I talk about the keywords that time two types of keywords comes to my mind –

A. Longtail keywords (Ex. Fitness strategy )

B. Short tail keywords (Ex. Fitness strategy for cricket players )

 In this case, in Google Ads, both types of keywords have their magic. Let’s Suppose you want to go with short tail keywords (Ex. Fitness strategy ) and users are searching on the same keywords then you can capture user’s data by proving them content related to fitness.

Once you capture their data then it will help you to build your authority by nurturing your users. Still, your user did not purchase your product and services then you can Retarget them as well.

On the other side Let’s take the example of Long-tail keywords (Ex. Fitness strategy for cricket players) first thing is users intent is crystal clear with short tail keywords. Most probably only cricket Niche oriented users will search on this keywords. Here the intent is very clear.

The second thing is you have to pay a low budget for the short-tail keywords. The Cost Per Click is not high on these types of keywords.


4.Achieve Your Business Goals through Campaign:-

Before advertising on Google you should have an idea about your buyer’s journey level. Based on that you can run your advertising campaigns which will bring results for you easily. Because of the Buyer’s Journey level and Your Business goals, you need to run the campaign for different goals.

Let’s understand it through a scenario, You recently opened your E-commerce store then you have to run campaigns for your brand awareness after brand awareness you can run shopping campaigns.

So, Google has Campaign Goals that help your business to achieve every type of goal. I can’t talk about all types of goal that’s why I am going to talk about only two types of goal.

(4.1) Video Campaign:-

Video has the ability to connect people powerfully because it touches people’s emotion & Feelings. Advertising people via video campaign works well to establish your brand And increase your brand awareness.

With the help of a Sequence campaign ( type of Video Campaign ), you can tell your story through videos. Just imagine how powerful it is.

(4.2) Shopping Campaign:-

People make their purchase decisions after seeing products, Google knows this concept. That’s why Google allows you to show your product’s images on the Search Engine Result Pages.


5. Easy to Track Your Performance:-

Tracking your performance is very easy with Google Ads. Google has partner websites like Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics, Decisions based on analytics brings good results. Google Analytics helps you to track and analyze your campaign’s data.  For example:- from where users are coming on your landing pages, From which Country, City performing well for you …..ETC

Google Tag Manager, It helps you to integrate other tools with google Ads via embedding code. 

On the dashboard of Google Ads, you will find a bunch of metrics but at the same time you don’t need to bother with this just focus on certain metrics (CPC, CTR, Converting Keywords, Conversion Rate) and your job is done.

 6. Maximize Your ROI with different Bid Strategies:-

Every business owners want maximum RIO (Return On Spend). RIO depends on how much budget he/she willing to spend. Aligning the right bid strategy with your budget can be a reason to maximize your ROI.  Google mainly has two types of bid strategy:- CPC, CPM

CPC– Cost Per Click, It Used when you want clicks on your page. This is the beauty of CPC bidding you have to pay when someone clicks on your link.

CPM – Cost Per Mile Impression, is used when you want just an impression of your image. ( Brand awareness )


7.Full Control on your Budget:-

It’s human nature that he wants maximum return with a limited budget. Am I Right ?… Google will not go beyond your set budget.  Full control of your budget means you can optimize your budget according to your campaign Performance.

If your campaign performing well then you can increase your budget to get the best output. On the other side if your campaign is not performing well then you can decrease your campaign budget as well.


There is a lot to talk about Google Ads but I wrote this article to keep the importance of Google Ads in my mind. I hope you get an idea about the importance of Google Ads after going through this article.

Reply in a comment,  Before this article your question is like Why Google Ads ?..and after this article, your question transferred into Why Not Google Ads, Am I right?


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