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‘“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”

“Small step speaks louder than thousands of words”

a person is a rising star in the space of the Indian digital marketing industry, A entrepreneur who is changing the world of advertising and digital media.

Who is this ?.. and What is the story

A Well Known Digital Marketer Proved These Above Quotes. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Mangesh Awari. The story begins when he was born on 21 August 1998 at a small village( Rampeth) in Madhya Pradesh. his father was a farmer by profession therefore his financial condition was not good. He is a very sound and active type of personality from Birth.

What are his beliefs ?.

1.Success has its’ own cost

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Have a look to his one life incident, which is he wrote in his one Article .

There was a respocinilty on me also which was Kirtan.Kirtan is basically 2 hours of presentation on stage, in front of 100- 150 people . This is the challenge because in this 100- 150 people who come to listening the kirtan they like mostly comedy and what’s about people whose age is 50 to 60 (called it grandpa)

They expect that kirtanakar should touch religious part I mean do talk about Veds- Puranas. When wise people of the village select me for Kirtan. That time I was afraid because I have to satisfy all audience. Lots of people say to me hey mangesh you should do comedy. I was totally blank. Before doing kirtan, I watched lots of videos on YouTube. I gave my 20- 30 hours of time for the 2 hours of presentation. End of my kirtan journey, especially on the day of my kirtan I gave my best in kirtan. And I include comedy, religious fact and patriotic feeling, poem in this kirtan by watching YouTube video.

You can’t believe that two hours of my kirtan went very fastly and end of the Kirtan all of the audience says to me, hey Mangesh Maharaj superb. You do fantastic and satisfying Kirtan.

Here I learned lessons from my life experience …


2. Every time A person born again, whenever his life changes.

He got 96 marks in mathematics in the examination of the 10th class. From this, he got much confidence and started taking math’s tuition in his village during his graduation. And although he is passionate about public speaking also.

here is his newborn happen but this was not enough.

During the period of graduation, he gets tough with Network Marketing and starts his own youtube channel but nothing much happens from tuition classes, Network Marketing and Youtube Channel.

He got lessons from these failures and searching such a way with the help of this way he will be making money online.

He got an answer to his question in the form of Digital Marketing and saw the Digital Deepak’s Internship Programme on the youtube channel. In 2020 he started his career as a digital marketer by enrolling him in the internship program which was mentored & lead by the Great Deepak Kanakaraju.

An internship program that started with a POWERFUL presentation from High Deepak himself. That was on “SUCCESS MINDSET”.The presentation lasted for 2 hours where he mainly talked about a self-transformation from a current self to a new 2.0 version of self. The internship lasted for 16 complete weeks which was a major turning point for Mangesh Awari‘s life from where he never turned back.

He said also

This is the best decision I had ever taken in my life”.

This was a game-changer for him

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From here his journey started as a digital marketer. After the internship, he got a job as a digital marketer in a reputed ad agency. He worked on multiple domains and helped the client to get leads and turned them into revenue. Being a passionate entrepreneur, he quit the job and started his startup,

The qualities that we can learn from him

  1. Be Patience, everything takes some time to happens because of Natural laws, Ex. to grow any plant.

2.Think Long Term, don’t go with instant gratification. it’s is harmful to us in the future.

3.Work Hard, no matter what your circumstances are never stop working hard. There is no substitute for hard work.

His Achievements…

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Now, he has achieved many things in life like, happiness, don’t worry about all his mounting debts, built a palace for himself and his family. And, most importantly he can go on vacation he wants whenever he wants wherever.

Last but not the least, it has been one of his big dreams to be able to give his parents a happy life living together with a comfortable life. Finally, he could achieve that too.

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