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Do you want to go to the next level in your life?

If your answer is Yes then you will set some revolutions goal for up coming 2021 it may be health related, it may be relationship related , it may be finance related ………ETC.

Today, I am going to discuss the financial goal/financial stability with you because it matters a lot. Once We become financial feet then it’s easy to achieve the rest of the goals in our life

Today, I am going to discuss My resolution for 2021 which is freelancing. From this article, you will general Idea about freelancing.

So, without any delay let’s get started …



  1. WHAT ??

  • what is freelancing
  • what are the options in freelancing
  • what option you can choose as a Freelancer
  • what are the platforms for Freelancing


  • Why We Should Do Freelancing
  • Why The Options Are Increasing In Freelancing Day By Day


  • How Can We Get Our First Client?
  • How Can We Grow And Get More Clients?


  • Market Research
  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Research

A graphic designer, A video editor … /someone who is not an employee in any reputed Organisation/ Company but he is paid for doing a piece of work, it’s called freelancer and this process is called freelancing.

There are several options in freelancing, some of them following are

  • Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics designing
  • App Development, ETC…..

In this Digital era plenty of options available in freelancing, therefore, it becomes challenging for everyone to select anyone options out of these.

In this situation, You can go with your interest don’t worry if your interest is changing as you growing. Take time as you want it may be week/ month. Identify your natural inclination. Think about the things in which you feel passionate about it. You should not feel tired/lazy when you are doing that thing.

Come to the second part of What Option You Should Choose As a Freelancer that is the market need. Your passionate things/natural inclinations are not fulfilling the market need then Need to stop here.

For Example:

if you are passionate about listening to music, it is not fulfilling market demand and you are earning nothing from that.

if your natural inclination is to watch movie /web series the whole day, it is not fulfilling market demand and you are earning nothing from that.

So, find your natural inclination with market demand and establish it as a skill. Just learn about this thing in which you have an interest in with market demand no matter what you are, you may be beginner, you may be intermediate or master of this field. The area which is overlapping with your Interest, market need, and knowledge is called your NICHE.

Here half-game of freelancing is won by you and for the rest of the game, you will need a platform, which will help you to get well-paid clients for your freelancing journey.

What Are The Platforms For Freelancing: some are following

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • People per hour
  • Fivver
  • ETC….

If a question is coming to your mind that Why we should do freelancing then, I want to cover some benefits of freelancing along with this topic.

A freelancer is free to do his work and the other side companies also free to charge freelancer according to his skill set.

Freelancer can work as his comfort zone and manage other things also if he wants to do. Another side there is no pressure/burden on the company to pay the freelancer all facilities and services which the company provides to his regular employee.

A freelancer can work for a foreigner without going there. Companies can ask for work from a freelancer who is out of that country.

After looking at the benefits of freelancing a question may be raised that how can we get our first client? So, the solution is just looking for help, this is the first step to get clients. Work free or at minimum Prise.

After getting the first client provides quality work to the client, deliver the project before the time/ on time, ask for referrals and reviews for your work …. these activities are going to solve your other question which is how can we grow as a freelancer or get more clients.

Last but not least question is that where we should do freelancing ?…

Do market research, Search where is a market need for your skill. Go into depth in market research.

Do audience research, Search for an audience who is ready to pay you according to your skills. Go into depth in audience research.

Do competitive research, it will help you to include more value in your content.

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