Well -Come to Grow With Mangesh.com and glad that you check out my about page. I am Mangesh Awari An Digital Marketing Practitioner. My niche is copywriting and much interested in SEO. Now I am calling Digital Marketing Practioner to myself but believe me I never thought that I will be In that field. It was just my wish to help needy people.

In my childhood, I got Lots of support and caring from my friends, family and relatives it sows the seed inside me to help needy people. Finally, I took Decision that I will crack UPSC examination but there were financial problems in front of me, therefore, I was searching for a part-time income source. One day my friend invited me to a meeting which was related to Network Marketing.

In Network Marketing I experience Marketing challenges, get understanding about Marketing Terminology. I was exploring the marketing know’s and how’s and same time I was understanding how digitalisation is helpful to the business So that I Created one YouTube channel too which name is Unstoppable Creation but here again I realise that it will take a very long time to succeed, it may be one year/ ten years.

When I was exploring YouTube that time I Heard about Digital Marketing . The path to learn Digital Marketing was unclear for me that from where I should start and which is the best course and mentor ? ..

Six months later I Saw ad of Digital Marketing Internship Programme By Digital Deepak on YouTube from here I started My journey of Digital Marketing that’s why I called myself Digital Marketing Practitioner.